• Afternoon Links: Reading the zone

    What we're reading while we feel bad for people with birthdays in late December. Submit links via Twitter. Why on Earth would Thad Matta show football film to his college basketball players? No, it wasn't about "toughness." It was about zone defense: "What we were trying to show them was when the offense comes, and every time the offense shifts, the defense shifts," Matta said. "That was the gist of what we were trying to get them to understand.

  • Tar Heels vs. Buckeyes a bittersweet battle for Charles Scott

    Most North Carolina players could give a brief rundown on what they know about Ohio State guard Shannon Scott heading into Saturday’s game with the Buckeyes in Chicago. The significance of his father? That was a bit harder for the young Tar Heels to remember, even though Charles Scott’s journey is extremely significant. Willie Cooper was the first to integrate the Tar Heels freshman team in 1964. Scott was the first black scholarship basketball player at North Carolina in 1966.

  • 3-point shot: Key points from Duke's win over UConn

    Andy Katz recaps three key points from Duke's 66-56 win against UConn on Thursday.

  • Weekend Predictions: Indiana's breakthrough

    Go ahead. Laugh it up. I read the comments. I know what you're thinking. And I'm fine with it and I deserve the criticism. Not only did I fail in my quest for a perfect 5-0 weekend, I didn't even come close. 2-3?!?!? C'mon, Northern Iowa. I mean, I was right on the overtime thing but not on the outcome. Same with Kansas-Utah. That was a battle. Just one problem, for the purposes of my limited accuracy: The Jayhawks won that battle. Kentucky over North Carolina was easy and my 15-point prediction for UK's margin of victory was off by only one.


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