Paul Krebs charged with money laundering and fraud

Former University of New Mexico Athletic Director Paul Krebs has been formally charged with multiple felonies stemming from a 2015 golf trip to Scotland and his alleged attempt to conceal a $25k donation.

According to a report by Jessica Dyer, Geoff Grammer, and Katy Barnitz of the Albuquerque Journal, the Attorney General’s office filed a criminal complaint today charging Krebs with fraud, evidence tampering, money laundering, criminal solicitation and making or permitting a false public voucher.

The charges allege that Krebs used public money for a fundraising golf trip to Scotland in 2015, including $25k to pay costs of three private donors, Darin Davis, Raleigh Gardenhire, and Paul Gibson.

When information regarding the trip became public in 2017, Krebs attempted to silence the controversy by claiming an anonymous donor contributed $25k to cover the cost of the fees paid for the private donor. Krebs and the University of New Mexico Foundation failed to reveal to the public and the media where the donation came from, while also stonewalling AG Hector Balderas’ office and their investigation.

According to the Journal report the AG office searched the foundation’s headquarters last September and seized credit card and bank records for both Krebs and his wife, Marjori. The AG office also found incriminating email evidence between Krebs and his wife detailing a plan to cover up the origin of the $25k donation.