Michael Irvin II striving to live up to his father’s legacy

Throughout the history of their franchise, the Dallas Cowboys have had a handful of outstanding wide receivers from Drew Pearson to Dez Bryant. One receiver stands out, and his name is Michael Irvin.

Irvin a member of the most dominant Dallas football dynasties in franchise history. Irvin significantly contributed to the Dallas Cowboys for their 1993, 1994, and 1996 Super Bowl wins. Irvin holds the record for the most receptions, yards, and touchdowns as a receiver in all of Dallas’s history. He is a five-time pro bowler and was the NFL receiving yards leader in 1991.

Micheal Irvin has proven to be one of the most impressive players in Dallas Cowboy and NFL history. His success began even before entering professional football as he helped win a National Championship title for the Miami Hurricanes in 1987. Imagine trying to live up to all of that, enter Micheal Irvin II.

There have been many family players in NFL history from father and son to brothers, and many have been successful. Peyton and Eli Manning sons of Archie Manning were both able to secure two Super Bowls of their own. Joey and Nick Bosa continue to prove their dominance as defensive players, but for Michael Irvin II success is not favorable on his family lineage.

Micheal Irvin II was a three-star recruit coming out of high school and going into college. He played for the University of Miami for his first three years of college, but he hasn’t seen the success that many of us affiliate with the Irvin name.

In his three year career as a tight end for the Miami Hurricanes, his stats are sub-par. He didn’t do much on offense his first year at Miami and only played on special teams. His second year was a slight improvement as he was able to rack nine catches for 78 yards but zero touchdowns in the 2018 season. This past season was even worse than in 2018 as he only caught two passes for 33 yards and zero touchdowns.

With a disappointing career and minimal playing time, Micheal Irvin II decided to transfer for his last year of football. This means that he won’t be graduating or playing for the same school his father did. However, this might be precisely what he needs to do. If Irvin II wants to be a standout and break into the NFL, he needs to put himself on a team where he can get increased playing time and hopefully standout. He decided to transfer to the University of Florida Atlantic. Now that he is playing as a Florida Atlantic Owl, this could be the opportunity he needs to be able to play to the expectations that people have set by his family name.

It will be interesting to see how he uses this opportunity. Carrying the weight of a football great as your dad can’t be easy. Only time will tell if there is another great in the Irvin family.