TB12 is back on the field… just not the expected one

TB12 is back on the field… just not the expected one

Tom Brady has long been a name known internationally. From having a supermodel ex-wife to multiple Super Bowl rings to the TB12 method. Now, he’s dipping his toes into the ownership of a team. Its just across the pond and the other kind of football.

Late last week it was announced that Brady, 46, had acquired an ownership stake in Birmingham City FC.

Birmingham City has been around since 1875 and has been part of the EFL Championship, one level below the Premier League, since 2011. While they haven’t been relegated in the years since, they haven’t taken the step back up to the top echelon of English football.

After a few attempted takeovers fell through in recent years, Knighthead Capital Management put together a bid to take on over a 45% ownership stake of the club. Of the investors involved was none other than Tom Brady himself.

As part of the agreement, Brady will step into an advisory role with the club. This is where Brady differs from other Americans who have taken the steps to invest in European soccer clubs. While others, like JJ Watt (Burnley), Jordan Spieth (Leeds United), and Lebron James (Liverpool) have become investors, they aren’t taking hands on roles with their respective clubs.

According to reports, Brady will be heavily involved in “applying his extensive leadership experience and expertise across several components of the Club, including working alongside the sports science department to advise on health, nutrition, wellness, and recovery systems and programs.” He will also work with the club to help grow “global marketing efforts and the identification of new commercial partnership opportunities.”

The TB12 method has worked well for the man himself. Just look at the longevity of his career, even with those that discounted what he was doing. If that is what he’s bringing to Birmingham City, there’s no telling what the club could do from a physical standpoint.

Brady’s leadership is largely without question. But, will his methods work with one of the oldest football clubs in the world?

Only time will tell.